Disturbia – Affordable Angst in Suburbia


Disturbia’s InstagramĀ profile states that it is a Family Owned Independent Subculture Fashion Since 2003 šŸ’€šŸ–¤šŸ‘½ šŸŒŽĀ ”

This was the initialĀ image that popped up on my feed, and with it becoming high summer I was intriguedĀ by this swimsuit with a grunge goth twist all brought together with some sunnies, a studded choker and a copy of the satanic bible. Colour me intrigued.

Their page with covered with beautiful alternative girlĀ instagramersĀ with bright coloured hair and a wild sense of style that had echoes of bondage and soft-grunge.


Currently, Disturbia hasĀ 332k followers on instagram. They clearly have a devoted fan base and so, I decided to head on to their site and see what they were all really about.

InitialĀ observations are that this is a very affordable brand with the majority of the products costing under Ā£100. It seems targeted to a young adult between 18 – 35. A lotĀ of straps, studs and band tee style prints.Ā  The jewelleryĀ is a predominately heavy-linked chain, skull details and studs, whilst the shoes are clumpy army boots or grungey platforms for the more girly grunge lover.

The piecesĀ that stood out the most to me and what I personally would purchase are:

Jeans Ā£32Ā 

Tee Ā£19.95Ā 

Necklace Ā£16.95Ā 

Support Disturbia by following theirĀ InstagramĀ Ā and check out their websiteĀ Disturbia





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